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Gentle and compassionate dental services tailored to your needs

Maintaining your teeth isn’t just about what’s on the outside.

Like many areas of the body, your mouth is teeming with bacteria — most of them harmless.  Normally the body's natural defenses and good oral health care, such as daily brushing and flossing, can keep these bacteria under control.

However, without proper oral hygiene, bacteria can reach levels that might lead to serious oral infections, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Unlike sharks, humans don’t have countless rows of teeth to rely on, so it’s wise to look after the ones we have - and that’s where we come in.

At Port Lincoln Dental, we offer a range of gentle services and technology to keep your pearly whites in tip-top condition.

From a broken tooth, to mouthguards and sedation for nervous patients, our services are tailored to your needs and discussed in full prior to treatment.

With over 60 years of dedicated service to the Port Lincoln and Eyre Peninsula community, we are continually updating our training and technology.

Our services include:

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Treatment and care for young and school-aged children

Port Lincoln Dental - Cosmetic Services


Teeth Whitening, Implants, Cleaning and more…

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Veneers, Crowns, X-rays, Root Canal, and more…

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Orthodontic, Sports Dentistry, CEREC Technology and more…